Start Up your Business

Robocoast´s automation, robotics and AI cluster, industrial ecosystems of technology metals and circular economy offer a perfect ecosystem for your growing startup. The universities of the area are startup-minded and full of potential new talents for startups to recruit or to find potential co-founders. And exactly where should the startup find its home in Pori region? From Crazy Town Startup Hub, of course, and there are other communities and locations to choose from as well. 

Robocoast Cluster and Services Guide for Your Startup to New Business Opportunities

Robocoast cluster is growing fast. The ecosystem offers unique business opportunities in robotics and AI. Robocoast is a Digital Innovation Hub and it is part of the European Digital Innovation Hub network. How to get to be a part of this? Participate in one of the challenge competitions or hackathons or contact Mikko Puputti, Head of Robocoast (mikko.puputti (at)  for matchmaking opportunities with the industry. Read more from here

Gamecoast is a cluster consisting of 50 companies. It is a part of Robocoast and offers business opportunities for startups as well. Read more from or contact Pirita Ihamäki, Head of Gamecoast (pirita.ihamaki(at) for more info.   

Startups from Universities – RoboAI can help

RoboAI is a key player, especially when it comes to university-born startups. Santeri Koivisto is happy to help those aspiring to become startup entrepreneurs. Technology combined with industry, health tech or other industries is the starting point for many innovative startups that are kick starting their success from the universities in Pori. Contact Santeri Koivisto (santeri.koivisto(at) from RoboAI or read more from

Prizztech  and Finnish Enterprise Agency Are Experts in Business Registration, Taxing and Many Other Things You Need to Know When Starting Your Own Business

Enter, a Finnish Enterprise Agency in Pori, offers professional assistance free of charge for aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. You can visit the office in Prizztech or contact Enter through the website and you will find help from a group of experts. Prizztech offers services concerning startup grant application, taxing related questions, and business registration for example. Advice is also given on choosing your enterprise model, finding investment and information needed for profitability calculations, and for any issues regarding buying an existing business. Read more.

Pori Entrepreneurship Society – Pori ES

Pori Entrepreneurship Society is taking the startup scene of Pori to the next level. The Society aims to make it easier for new startups to launch their business by offering access to mentoring, funding, and team formation. Pori ES organizes different events where people with entrepreneurial mindset meet each other and new business ideas are being discovered. Interested? Contact Elias Pihala, Chairman of the Board at Pori Entrepreneurship Society (elias.pihala(at) or read more.

Startup-kit – the Best Advice Before Landing in Finland with Your Startup

The Finnish Startup Permit makes it possible for international growth entrepreneurs to build a startup company in Finland and to become part of Finland's vibrant startup ecosystem. The permit is meant for innovative startup founders coming from countries outside the European Union. Read more from Business Finland.