Robotics, AI, data analytics, circular economy, programming or international business - Pori has a good selection of opportunities to choose a university degree from. The Pori region is a great choice for you if you are heading for a bachelor’s, master’s or PhD degree in one of the above-mentioned fields. If you want to complete your degree close to the field’s leading international companies and industrial clusters, you’ve come to the right place. As such, our universities offer various options for international students looking for a combination of university studies and practice in growing industrial and business ecosystems.

RoboAI and Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK)

RoboAI at the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences combines technological research with development and education. RoboAI is a global innovation platform for research and development as well as education and competence. The center of RoboAI is the shared-use laboratory of SAMK’s Pori campus. For international students, RoboAI offers bachelor’s degree studies, for example in robotics automation and AI, and the studies are closely integrated with RDI services offered to companies. During your studies, you will work closely with industrial and technology companies. RoboAI also offers start-up services to students and new entrepreneurs. The Satakunta University of Applied Science also offers other international study programs. Read more Roboai and SAMK.

The University Consortium of Pori – Technology and Business Studies and Research Next to Great River View

The University Consortium of Pori overlooks the Kokemäenjoki river and is located near the Puuvilla town block and the city center. You can choose from a bachelor´s, master´s and doctoral degrees. The University studies and research play a substantial role in the growing industrial, technology and business ecosystem of the area.

Tampere University’s Pori Unit specializes in areas such as technology-oriented research. Its areas of priority include business ecosystems, networks and innovations, software engineering and intelligent systems, data analytics, optimization and learning games, and gaming in education.

Turku School of Economics in Pori offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in Economics and Business Administration. 

More information about University Consortium of Pori.

Studying in Finland – Why Choose Us?

One of the strengths of Finnish higher education institutions are the modern learning environments and facilities. Our high-quality classrooms and virtual learning environments, and free libraries offer students the best possible learning experience. According to recent surveys, international students enjoy the campus environment and their institutions’ eco-friendly attitude. The design and the quality of the campus buildings, and the surroundings outside the campus also inspire international students in their everyday life. 

More information about studying in Finland can be found on the official webpages of the Finnish National Agency for Education.

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