Growth potential

Business Pori is the shortest route to the heart of the local business, to open doors and introduce future partners, and to help towards success every step of the way - whether your path is just beginning or you are already rushing hard on the highway to success.
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Automation and robotics

Pori region is home to one of Europe's fastest-growing industrial robotics, automation and artificial intelligence clusters. It brings leverage to fast-growing startups as well as support for improving the competitiveness of traditional industries.

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Circular economy

The long industrial tradition in Pori region has created a strong operating environment that serves the circular economy. Nearly 1,000 hectares of zoned land welcomes new entrepreneurs and innovations to handle industrial by-products.
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Technology metals

Pori region has a globally significant ecosystem for the production and product development of technology metals and metal chemicals. You can find its products in the latest applications in transport, energy production and energy storage, and electronics - for example, in Tesla.

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Maritime logistics

Highways in five directions, railway connection and deep fairway to the world's seas - The Port of Pori is an ideal logistics center serving the needs of exports, imports and transit traffic. The area's capacity and infrastructure serve as a growth platform for all business.
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