In recent years, tourism has risen to become one of the top industries in Pori. The city is promoting Yyteri in particular as the highlight of the region and building its growth systematically with annual investments and strong marketing. Yyteri offers the perfect platform for entrepreneurship.


Alongside traditional fields of industry, Pori is investing in tourism. The city has selected Yyteri as its top destination and annually invests about EUR 400,000 in its development. The potential of Yyteri offers a platform for the growth of diverse entrepreneurship enabled by the city’s investments.

After four years of development, the infrastructure improvements of the first stages of developing Yyteri and the enhanced marketing translate into improved awareness of Yyteri as a travel destination and increased visitor numbers both in and outside the peak season.
The goal of the development activities is to improve Yyteri’s attractiveness, recognisability, general image and practicality across all seasons. Another goal is to create new prerequisites for business and, as a result, new opportunities for visitors at Yyteri. Extending the summer season, using the autumn and spring seasons in nature tourism and creating a winter season play a key role in attracting more enterprises.


The growth programme created to support and enable growth provides guidelines for future investments and activities for at least the next decade. The action plan specifies what is needed to reach Yyteri’s goals for sustainable growth. The areas of development include the sustainable expansion of accommodation capacity, services and activities; the improvement of the area’s external accessibility and internal connections; and the development of cooperation, brand and awareness. Land use and zoning play a key role in enabling growth.
Moreover, the general plan, offering ready-made premises for enterprises and a list of ideas currently missing from the tourism services, is another booster for growth. The first nearly zero-carbon building in Pori and the centre of the Yyteri square, the Piletti building, approved in the 2019 general plan, will function as a trailblazer for private investments in the area and realign the traffic to the beach upon its completion. The building will serve as a tourism centre for the Bothnian Sea National Park and Yyteri, supplementing the services in the area.

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Anna Kyhä-Mantere
Anna Kyhä-Mantere
Head of Unit, Tourism and Marketing, City of Pori