Smooth everyday life

In Pori, everyday life is easy, services are first class and nature is present almost everywhere. The rich cultural and sports life offer unique experiences. Read why people in Pori are the happiest people in Finland.


Every once in a while it is good for everyone to relax in nature and reset their thoughts. What better way to do it than in the unique landscapes of Kirjurinluoto, Pori Forest or Yyteri - one of the best sandy beaches in Europe *.

The parks in Pori city centre are part of the National Urban Park network. The Pori National Urban Park is a combination of urban nature and a built cultural environment that serves as a living room for city dwellers. Nature is literally close in Pori.

Few can say that both the sea and the river can be found in the hometown. In Pori, we have them both, close by. By the sea, you can find everything from international business and traditional Finnish summer cottages to the most excellent outdoor and bird watching opportunities. The Kokemäenjoki estuary and the Yyteri shoal are one of the most diverse birding destinations in our country.

*) 10 of the best beaches in Europe for families 


More than 300 miles of cycle path. Hardly any uphills. Great routes and short distances in the city centre make the bike a superior vehicle to move around - even within ten minutes from the market square to the airport. You don’t need your own car to get around Pori, unless you turn into sugar when it rains. And not necessarily even then, because you can get there by bus as well.


In Pori, you have space and time, parks and waterways, but also events and cultural offerings. We have an internationally acclaimed art museum, dance artists, theater, museums, music and filmmaking. Things are tinted by the Pori attitude, where the corners are not too round and there is room for opposites. Even common sense can sometimes be frozen here, but one thing is for sure: Pori will not leave you cold.

Person in the nature