EU Industry Days "Metal Material Revolution" - Robocoast presented Future Factory -report of the viewpoint of Finland Industry 4.0

EU Industry days is Europe’s flagship event on the industry. It serves as the main platform to discuss industry challenges and co-creation opportunities and policy responses which open dialogue with a wide range of partners.

EU Industry days helps to ensure that our policies at the European, national, regional and local levels work together to enable European industry to deliver jobs, growth, and innovation in Europe.

EU Industry Days 2021 has been from 23 - 26 February.

The Metal Material Revolution event has been organizer by the InvestAmarante, which is also part of Iplace-project. iPlace is a journey where the partner cities are fellow travelers who are always seeking to find niches appropriate for their cities, while deepening their understanding of the nuances that make their cities special, with the determination to use the knowledge they gained for nesting new ideas that will sprout more sustainable local economic development. The city of Pori is part of the IPlace -project.

I Place to take part in Eu Industry week and showing how the goals of digital and green transition can be part of local economic development is also an important topic to the conference that will happen under the EU Industry Week 2021, the 4th edition of the annual event on the industry, that serves as the main platform to discuss industry challenges and co-creation opportunities.

Finland is an experimental society – a pioneer in smart, environmentally friendly technology

Robocoast brings discussion Finland insight into Industry 4.0 and Future Manufacturing viewpoints. In the area of the Industry 4.0 revolution, production-oriented factories will become customer-centric factories, where customers will be more closely involved in product development.

Summarized for presentation of Finland into Industry 4.0 and Future Manufacturing, that Finland has know-how, technology and positive experimental environment, which enables the development, innovation and implementation of the top companies’ industrial solutions. Top Finnish manufacturing and technology companies invest in product development and aims to find the world’s best experts in Finland and abroad as partners. The growth of Finnish top manufacturing and technology companies comes from new innovative technology solutions and arises in industrial digital innovation hubs (DIHs) through co-development.

The story of top Finnish companies often starts with the joint development of the world's leading environmentally friendly technology, where Finland is seen as an experimental society and where the goal is a carbon-neutral society, flexible automation, and environmentally friendly high-tech products and services. (ABB interview 2020)

"The highlighted technologies of the report are also key competencies for Cimcorp. Some of the competencies have been in the company focus already for a few years and some of them are our focus point for the upcoming years." 

You can see Eu Industry day 27th “Metal Material Revolution” event in here:

“Pori’s participation brought very positive reactions. The Portuguese partners demonstrated a lot of interest in the work presented and are interested in deepening their relationship with Pori.” - Melanie Cardoso, Project Manger InvestAmarante


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