Dedicated workers

People in Pori do not buckle under pressure, they are stubborn, they gain strength from creative madness and opposites. Persistent trying and an international way of working are at the heart of everything- whatever the industry. Self-irony and self-criticism shake hands in a perfect harmony and corners are never too rounded. The refined temperament, courage and creativity make people in Pori committed experts with an eye for the future.


Internationalization has been reflected in the history of the Pori region for centuries, first in the form of trade and then in the growth of industry. In Pori, it is possible to go to early childhood education, comprehensive school and upper secondary school in Finnish, Swedish or English. Our colleges offer a wide range of international degrees. Students from near and far enrich the culture of our area. Our industry operates in a global environment. Most of the industrial companies in the region belong to foreign groups.


Entrepreneurship is an important driver of growth and Pori is investing in it. We pride ourselves on doing things ourselves here, creating from scratch and rising from the ashes if needed. Prerequisites for entrepreneurship are created at a young age: entrepreneurship education begins at primary school and continues through studies. A starting entrepreneur will be provided with information, support and assistance. And the growth of the company does not fall short of knowledge: nearly 10,000 university students ensure that there is a constant supply of fresh know-how.


The workforce in our area is committed to their home region and the employee turnover in companies is low. This important intellectual capital contributes to the expansion and growth of business - it is easier to take a bold step in Pori.