Enabling infra

ENABLING INFRA - WHAT DOES YOUR COMPANY NEED? Smooth zoning, large-size plots, harbour, railways, highways and airport. Easy access to a wide range of industrial commodities. Renewable energy. Gas. Pori is renowned as an industrial base. We have room for bold ideas!


Pori region offers what your business needs. There is a wide selection of industrial and commercial land plots. Renewable, locally produced energy is readily available even for bigger needs. Access to natural gas is ensured by the LNG terminal in the port from which a gas pipeline is routed to the nearby Kaanaankorpi industrial area. The commodities needed by industry are produced nearby, whether it be steam or sulfuric acid. The value chain of technology metals is already in place in the region.


Our industrial areas are well connected. Some of them even have their own branch terminal lines for railway traffic or the possibility to have their own pier. The deep fairway (15.3 m) enables even the largest ships sailing in the Baltic Sea to access. Pori Tahkoluoto harbour, which  specializes in chemical and bulk traffic.

The Honkaluoto industrial area, zoned for the intersection of Highways 11 and 2, is particularly functional for logistics needs. The airport next to the area connects Pori with regular scheduled traffic to Helsinki-Vantaa. It is ideally suited to the needs of freight logistics. And the accessibility of the airport is unparalleled: not very often can you find an airport a couple of kilometers from the city center.


For the needs of the circular economy, there are almost 1,000 hectares of pre-zoned industrial area in the Peittoo recycling park in Pori. In this area, as in others, it is easy to utilize industrial by-products. And expanding your business will not fall into a lack of space.