Services for international families 

English Playschool  

English Playschool functions in English as an early semi immersion play school. The English language is taugh to children gently and gradually by using immersion methods. Teachers are well qualified in language teaching for early ages. Welcome to the wonderful world of English! 

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There are approximately 100 playgrounds free of use in the parks of Pori. Also, in school yards there are playgrounds that everyone can use. 

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Early childhood education 

Early childhood education services are provided by municipal daycare centres, family daycare and open daycare centres. Open daycare services (municipal daycare clubs and family clubs) are free of charge and are available for children who are cared for at home. 

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Compulsory basic education 

In the city of Pori, basic education is available in English in one school. The English Classes at Cygnaeus School is a free public primary / elementary school located in the centre of the town of Pori, Finland. It is an international school working within the auspices of Cygnaeus School. It follows the exact same Finnish national curriculum-2014 as any other Finnish school, with the only difference being that subjects are taught in English. 

Cygnaeus School houses an English kindergarten / preschool and English Classes in grades 1-6. The English Classes have a total enrollment of over one hundred pupils. Each of the six grade levels has its own classroom teacher who teaches a total of 15-20 pupils on average. 

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General upper secondary education 

The English class functions as a part of Porin suomalainen yhteislyseo (PSYL), and follows the school's curriculum. Teaching is given bilingually in English and Finnish. One of the most important goals is a good basic education. A key objective is the development of robust language skills for the pupils. 

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Upper Secondary Vocational Education

Länsirannikon Koulutus Oy WinNova is a vocational education provider for people of all ages, in or out of working life. WinNova has 6.000 students and 500 staff members located in Satakunta and Vakka-Suomi. 
WinNova offers a wide variety of educational services, vocational and professional qualifications and short-term courses for different types of customers mostly in Finnish. Language training e.g. Finnish for beginners or for more advanced is also available.  

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