EU Industry days is Europe’s flagship event on the industry. It serves as the main platform to discuss industry challenges and co-creation opportunities and policy responses which open dialogue with a wide range of partners.
Critical Metals and Neometals aim to use by-products from steel production to recover high-purity vanadium chemicals for use in specialty steels and energy storage solutions without the need to build a mine and concentrator. The process utilises renewable energy and a significant amount of CO2 gas sequestered from local industrial sources.
We want you and your business to succeed. We listen, communicate and execute the things we have agreed on together - smoothly.
In Pori, everyday life is easy, services are first class and nature is present almost everywhere. The rich cultural and sports life offer unique experiences. Read why people in Pori are the happiest people in Finland.
Efficient logistics infrastructure consisting of harbors, highways, railways and airport. Pori has diverse supply of commodities and plots required for industrial processes.
People in Pori do not buckle under pressure, they are stubborn, they gain strength from creative madness and opposites. Persistent trying and an international way of working are at the heart of everything- whatever the industry. Self-irony and self-criticism shake hands in perfect harmony and we never cut corners. The refined temperament, courage and creativity make people in Pori committed experts with an eye for the future.