Invest in Pori

Here are a few points for you why you should!

1. Diverse industrial structure

The Pori region is a hub for technology metals and metal chemicals manufacturing. Industry giants including Boliden, Fortum, Luvata and Metso Outotec already operate in Pori, creating significant opportunities for synergy and cooperation. The green transition has led to a growth of thriving industrial circular economy. Here you will also find one of Europe’s fastest-growing automation, industrial robotics, and artificial intelligence clusters.
Diverse industrial structure

2. Safe, clean, and reliable energy

The region offers Finland’s strongest and most versatile energy environment. Locally produced nuclear power, onshore and offshore wind power, as well as bio and solar power generate 40% of Finland’s electricity, powering the future. Extensive upcoming investments strengthens the forerunner role of Pori in clean and renewable energy.
Safe, clean, and reliable energy

3. Smart logistics

High-quality infrastructure that connects businesses to the world via road networks, electrified railways, an airport – and the 15-metre deep, always-open Port of Pori – makes the region optimally situated as a logistics hub for export, import, transit, and growth.
Smart logistics

4. Versatile plots and zoning possibilities

Businesses and investors are welcome to explore the region with areas zoned for opportunity, including the Peittoo area with its focus on enhancing the circular economy. In addition, more than 200 hectares of land is also available for new businesses. Pori has it all – easy zoning, expansive plots, and tremendous growth prospects.
Versatile plots and zoning possibilities

5. A skilled workforce and excellent educational opportunities

Robotics, AI, data analytics, circular economy, programming, and international business attracts 8,000 of the best and brightest students from Finland and abroad to the region. Satakunta University of Applied Sciences and University Consortium of Pori educate these future professionals in close collaboration with the region’s leading businesses and industrial clusters.
Skilled workforce and excellent educational opportunities

6. Smooth living in the happiest city in Finland

With the comprehensive bicycle routes, the sea and river close by, and the buzzing cultural scene spread throughout the city, it is easy to understand the collective joy of Pori residents. The city has a precious cultural history, numerous museums, and unique, outdoorsy experiences for both locals and visitors alike. In a city as compact and amicable as Pori, living is smooth and easy.
Smooth living in the happiest city in Finland

7. Invest in sustainable travel at Yyteri

As a unique destination, Yyteri beach offers plenty of fun and relaxation around the unique dunes, such as boating, surfing, paddleboarding, hiking, and birdwatching. As the first Finnish beach to be awarded the Blue Flag certificate, Yyteri contributes to more sustainable tourism. We have a significant amount of space for customers who wish to develop new business opportunities and we offer the support that allows these businesses to experiment.
Yyteri beach – paradise on earth

8. Business in Pori - how we can help

The dedicated specialists at the city of Pori and Prizztech, a business development company in Pori, can help investors or businesses thinking about expanding or relocating their business to the region. With their expert guidance concerning permits, financing, business premises and networking, you will quickly be ready to hit the ground running.
How we can help

Business in Pori

hectares circulation economy park
€6.7 b
annual industrial turnover
€4.3 b
annual exports



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Airplane at the airport


The City of Pori has launched a tender for the continuation of regular air services between Pori and Helsinki for the period 1.1.2023-31.12.2024. The City of Po

Mantyluoto harbour


At the beginning of 2022, Port of Pori Ltd submitted an application for CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) funding for two quay investments. The value of the inve