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Business in Pori - how we can help

Are you interested in expanding or relocating your business to Pori? Or are you starting something new? Let’s talk and make it happen!

Invest in sustainable travel in Yyteri

Smooth living in the happiest city in Finland

In family-friendly Pori, everything you need for your everyday life and special occasions is just a short walk away. This compact city offers a short commute, giving you more time to enjoy the city’s amenities and beautiful surroundings.

A skilled workforce and excellent educational opportunities

Versatile plots and zoning possibilities

Pori has it all—easy zoning, expansive plots and tremendous growth prospects. Businesses and investors are invited to explore opportunities across almost 500 hectares of land that is zoned for opportunity, with additional portside land available for new businesses.

Efficient Logistics

The Pori region offers versatile logistics opportunities for importing and exporting raw materials, commodities and products. The core of our logistic infrastructure is the Port of Pori – the most energetic port in the Nordic countries. It is a logistic platform for business to break new ground and growth.

Clean and Reliable Energy

Diverse Industry