Business in Pori – how we can help

Are you interested in expanding or relocating your business to Pori? Or are you starting something new? Let’s talk and make it happen!

What we offer:

  • Help in finding the perfect location
  • Research and development networks
  • Mapping out the local workforce
  • Information on financing possibilities

Tailored support for you

Our services are tailored to entrepreneurs and their needs. We cover all aspects of business in the area, from setting up to supporting growth, reaching international markets, and finally, organising any ownership changes.

Business Pori is the shortest route to the heart of local business, to open doors and introduce future partners, and to help you to succeed at every step of the way – whether your path is just beginning, or you are already speeding along the highway to success. Behind Business Pori are the city of Pori, business development company Prizztech and partners in the area, who together wish to enable investments and develop businesses in the Pori region.

Business development needs are complex and diverse. We have responded to this by offering versatile, high-quality, and holistic services. Our task is to find solutions. Whether you are seeking consultation on how to develop your own company’s business processes or need help in solving developmental challenges for a group of companies, we’re here to help you succeed.

Boosting Satakunta’s vitality

The Pori region offers great possibilities to create new things, take advantage of the synergies and build the future. There are many opportunities for growth – so where do we start? Our crown jewels: Automation and robotics, Circular economy, Technology metals, Maritime logistics and Tourism.

We have specialists from Robocoast, one of Europe’s most significant business clusters for automation, IoT, robotics and artificial intelligence, based in Satakunta.

Through its projects, Prizztech supports research, development and innovation for businesses. Prizztech’s operations are divided into the following developmental themes: automation and robotics, welfare technology, bio and circular economy, energy solutions, technology metals, business growth and development.

Invest in sustainable travel

Yyteri is developing alongside key principles: nature, the beach, cleanliness, and safety. The focus is on promoting responsible tourism in Yyteri. This development work is carried out with nature and our sustainable future in mind, with the aim of preserving the authenticity and cleanliness of the beach for future generations. Contact us for more information on investing in Yyteri.

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