Smart logistics

The Satakunta region offers versatile logistics opportunities for importing and exporting raw materials, commodities and products. Our industrial areas are well connected. Some of them even have their own branch terminal lines for railway traffic or the possibility to have their own deep-water pier.

Picture of Smart Logistics in Pori

We offer easy access via

  • Road network and electrified railways
  • The Port of Pori
  • An airport near the city centre

All roads (and railroads) lead to sustainable development

As a development environment we are unique: easy access via electrified railways, the road network, and an airport. Smooth zoning, large plots, and a harbour benefit many businesses, as do our ample renewable energy resources. Our efficient logistics capabilities and easy access to resources support the sustainable growth of companies and aid the transition to a low-carbon economy. 

The main roads and railway tracks connect the cities of the region both to each other and to the rest of the country. The main railway line plays a central role for the entire region. Emission reduction targets highlight the importance of rail connections and their development also in terms of international connections.


The port of Pori is always open

The Port of Pori provides a great platform for growth and is a logical logistics centre for a wide variety of operations. The capacity and infrastructure perfectly support the wellbeing and growth of our partner companies. Access to natural gas is ensured by the LNG terminal.

  1. Even though we’re located in a high latitude of the northern hemisphere, our port stays open and ice-free throughout the winter. It is therefore at your service 365 days a year.
  2. We have everything you need for handling any bulk materials and we meet modern recycling standards.
  3. There is no dense archipelago blocking the entrance to Pori. You save time and money when you can navigate straight to the port – even in winter.
  4. Our port is deep enough, 50 ft/15.3 m, for large vessels with significant cargos. We are capable of handling even the heaviest cargos with our special cranes.
  5. Whether your business is import or export, our location and transport network are perfect for reaching anywhere in Finland. There is also a rail link from the Port of Pori to locations across the world.


The airport connects Pori with regular scheduled traffic to Helsinki-Vantaa airport on the south coast of Finland. It is ideally suited to the needs of freight logistics. And the accessibility of the airport is unparalleled: not very often can you find an airport a couple of kilometres from the city centre. The airport is also home to the Finnish Aviation Academy, the most important flight training centre in the country.