Clean and Reliable Energy

The Pori region offers Finland’s strongest and most versatile energy environment. By developing the vitality of the industry and achieving our goals related to low-carbon targets, we continue to cement our position as a leading energy environment. Heavy investments have been made in the area’s energy infrastructure in recent years, which has helped to further enhance the diversification of the region.

The area offers:

  • 40% of Finland’s electricity production
  • An efficient power grid
  • Vast availability of renewable energy
  • Billion-euro future investments in sustainable energy

Optimal energy system

A diverse energy supply, an efficient power grid, and extensive know-how give the region’s energy-intensive industry a strong competitive advantage. We also want to support green growth and be involved in developing Finland’s energy system in a low-emission, reliable and competitively priced direction. We have optimal energy conditions which provide an excellent base for future industry, logistics and trade.

Future is energetic

Around €1.5 billion worth of investments in renewable energy, hydrogen technology and biofuels are currently being implemented. In addition, there are future plans for billion-euro new energy investments. The vast potential of clean and safe energy boosts new innovations and business opportunities. Being Finland’s strongest and most versatile energy environment is a significant factor in the appeal of the area.

Recent and Future Investments:

Green hydrogen

  • P2X Solutions: Green hydrogen and synthetic methane production plant (20 MW)
  • Porin Prosessivoima and Ren-Gas: Power-to-gas plant

Solar power

  • Pori Portside Areas: Solar power plant (20MW)
  • Harjavalta Industrial Park (18 MW)
  • Copper Industry Park: (4.5 MW)
  • IBV Finland: Ulvila solar power plant (250 MW)
  • SAJM Holding: Harjunpää solar power plant (600MW)


  • BioEnergo: Industrial-scale bioconversion plant (bioethanol, biogas)
  • Envor: Biogas plant

Wind power

  • Suomen Hyötytuuli: Oosinselkä onshore windfarm (93 MW)
  • Suomen Hyötytuuli: Tahkoluoto offshore windfarm (600-800 MW)
  • Satawind: Lammi onshore windfarm (84MW)
  • Eolus Finland: Navakka offshore windfarm (1500MW)
  • Eolus Finland: Wellamo offshore windfarm (2000MW)


  • Pori Energia: Carbon capture plant
  • Pori Energia: Energy storage for heating (20MW) and cooling (1MW)