Green North Energy aims for Finnish ammonia self-sufficiency by establishing hydrogen plants in Pori and Kemi

Green North Energy has signed agreements with Pori and Kemi for feasibility studies on establishing green hydrogen and ammonia plants, utilizing a concept developed with Business Finland and currently being piloted in Naantali. The investments, exceeding one billion euros, aim to boost the green transition, enhance supply security, and create jobs.

In early 2023, Business Finland provided Green North Energy with EUR 2.3 million in R&D funds to design a scalable hydrogen and ammonia plant concept in Naantali. Supported by the EU, the company is now assessing this concept’s feasibility in Pori and Kemi under the BalticSeaH2 project, with each new facility mirroring Naantali’s and involving over EUR 600 million in investments.

Using renewable energy for hydrogen production can replace fossil fuels and chemicals, promoting a green transition globally and enhancing regional energy independence. Furthermore, Green North Energy’s developments could improve Finland’s security of supply in ammonia, currently reliant on imports from Russia and Africa, aiming for national self-sufficiency in ammonia production.

The investments will significantly impact Pori and Kemi’s economies, enabling the development of a green transition ecosystem around the plants.

“Green North Energy is a welcome partner for us: it is a pioneering company with strong roots in Finland. We expect the project to have considerable employment benefits, as a variety of activities can arise around the hydrogen plant,” says Lauri Inna, Mayor of Pori.

The selection of Pori and Kemi for new plants was primarily influenced by planned significant offshore wind projects and the availability of renewable electricity critical for hydrogen projects. The proximity of their ports, crucial for accessing main European green ammonia markets, was also a key factor.

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